How I’m celebrating Inauguration Day 2017

He who has spoken so lewdly about women, about Mexicans, and who made it hard for journalists to cover his campaign has entered the White House. 

I fit in the 3 groups he dislikes: female Mexican journalist, and I’m disturbed by what’s coming.

But today I’m celebrating Inauguration Day in a very special way: I bought a personal subscription to both the New York Times and the Washington Post and I will gladly extend this list with more critical media names that you can suggest. 

Why would I care? I’m Mexican, right? 

I can be down the border or a thousand miles away from Washington but I can guarantee that when this person implements his new measures NOBODY on earth will be too far away to escape the waves.

As you can see, all of the links I’ve referred to in the first paragraphs belong to the mentioned outlets. Those two media weren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions, do the fact-checking or the proper research to uncover all the flaws in Trump’s past and his campaign. We desperately need them to continue to do so.

Media, like all other companies, need to make profit in order to subsist. Some of them – most, if I may, turn to advertising as a source of income. This strategy enslaves their content to the willing of their sponsors who sometimes don’t have the readers’/viewers’ interests at heart. 

‘Nobody reads newspapers anymore’ has been said, and that might be true to the Millennial generation – to which I belong. But now that content is digital there isn’t any valid excuse to avoid checking the news.

You may wonder why I don’t offer support to Mexican media considering that they have correspondents in Washington? Because sometimes natives know better how to uncover the dirt in the house and, after doing it throughout the whole campaign, I don’t believe they can expect a smooth and friendly working environment during the next four years. I’m trying to do my part to fuel that fearless journalism we need now more than ever. 


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