Beware of Trump

If you happen to own a very active dog it might destroy private property – aka flowers, plants, or it might poo in your neighbour’s garden. The owner in question would come out of his house to bang at your door and yell at you for not educating your pet.

The next day he might decide to build a fence to stop your dog from eating his flowers; leaving it to eat yours instead – at least thats what he believes.

After all, it was you who wanted to have a dog right? Therefore, the logic behind this fence solution is ‘be responsible and mind your own business.’

The strategy works fantastically… for dogs.

Now, imagine that there are dogs in each one of the houses and the animals from yours smuggle some ‘extremely delicious’ kibbles into your neighbours house, where pets aren’t allowed to eat them.

The pups who consume the kibbles pay the smugglers with guns – because their Second Amendment entitles them to own them for their protection. Guns that could be particularly dangerous in your territory as they could end up in the hands of organised canines and unleash the war in your borough. No matter how tall the fence is, your neighbour wouldn’t come out clean of it either.

One must consider that dogs are quite intelligent: they could send a Trojan Dog (mules), they could dig under the fence – as we all know they do (smuggling tunnels) or they could create alliances with other canine mafias to succeed at kibble-trafficking. These are smuggling techniques we have all heard of, and I’m sure there are plenty still unknown.

I apologise to our canine friends for comparing them to savages like us, but they came in handy to support the question that I would like to ask Mr. Trump as a journalist:

Does it look like a wall is going to solve this?

A logical and practical solution would involve loads of dog training and kibble addiction treatment, as well as corruption tackling.

The construction of the wall that begins today is a doomed defence mechanism. Inefficient, inadequate and retrograde… ancient if you will. A waste of time and money for both sides. A strategy that will be remembered as a disaster, but not to everyone…

War is a very lucrative business. The resources that could save the day are going into the pockets of various millionaires who are defence contractors and own security supplying companies while the ordinary citizens die in the streets, like dogs.


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